Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Marriage is an important moment for every couple. As a couple you have to know how to behave when attending the wedding event. Listen ethics when present at a friend's wedding and relatives as quoted below from Yahoo Shine.

Waiting for the announcement
You already know the date your best friend will be married. But do not rush to spread the news before his friend and partner announce the good news to all people.

Wedding Plans
If you are planning a wedding are invited acquaintances, be careful when discussing it. Do not carelessly discuss the plan in social media. Because who knows there are people who are not invited and read your post. If it were so, the atmosphere is sure to be awkward.

Share photos
It was great when friends are married and there are many moments that can be captured. But you should not divide their pictures to the public, unless the friend was already allow you to do so.

Leave the phone
You've been invited to a sacred event, so you should respect the person who invited you to follow a series of events well. Do not just sit in the corner and looked at the phone screen while posting how boring event you attended.

Rules invitations
Whether it's an invitation in the form of print, SMS, email, or message via Facebook, follow the rules written in it. For example, mention that you will attend alone or with a friend, bring a current invitation to the event, or even can not come at all.

That's the ethical thing to do when attending a wedding ceremony. Do you want to add another rule?



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