Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Questions About Wedding Etiquette

There's a right and wrong way to do everything, and when planning a wedding there's correct etiquette for every aspect-- from receiving financial help to communicating with your wedding party. An engaged couple that knows the proper and polite way to communicate their wedding plans with the individuals involved demonstrate correct wedding etiquette.

How Should You Talk to Your Parents About Wedding Expenses?

    With wedding expenses, when your parents are not as financially prepared or proactive as the tradition calls for, it's important to know how to properly bring up the issue. The correct way to approach the situation is to simply have a candid conversation about your wedding budget needs. You can choose to have this discussion with both sets of parents at the same time or separately. Make sure that you are understanding and appreciative for how ever much money they can contribute.
    The incorrect way to approach the situation is to have a conversation in which you demand or allot a certain amount of money for them to give.

What is The Proper Way to Communicate Projected Expenses to The Wedding Party?

    An easy etiquette mistake is to provide wedding party members with little to no time to pay for their agreed costs. Those who accept the invitation to be in your wedding will be responsible for the cost of their personal attire and accessories. When this amount is $100 or more, it is best to provide the group the opportunity to pay in increments that are scheduled over a period time.
    When the total cost is under $100, be sure to communicate at least six weeks in advance of the upcoming expense.

What Are the Financial Obligations to Out-of-Town Wedding Party Members?

    Before asking an out-of-town friend or family member to be in your wedding, consider how much time and money you can contribute to their traveling costs. The proper etiquette in the case where you are unable to pay for her total travel expenses would be to provide lodging accommodations upon her arrival. This might mean covering the cost of her hotel or offering her a room in your home.

How Much Should You Pay Family Members or Friends for Their Service in Your Wedding?

    When a friend agrees to offer a lending hand in your wedding, in addition to telling them, "thank you," you want to give them monetary compensation. An easy etiquette mistake is to ask him how much he would like to receive-- doing so can make him feel uncomfortable. Instead, take a moment to compare prices on how much his provided service is in the current market. Then, calculate the median cost. Divide that median cost in half. This will give you the amount of money that you should offer to your friend.

How Should You Ask for Monetary Gifts?

    The best wedding present can sometimes be receiving monetary gifts from guests, however, asking for such could break etiquette rules. The appropriate thing to do is to create a wedding registry and include in your wedding mailer, a card with phrasing similar to: "We will have a wishing well available at the reception for all guests who would like to give monetary gifts. We are also registered at-- for those of you who would prefer to shop for a wedding present. Remember, just having your support and seeing you there is the gift that we look forward to most of all." This type of phrasing gives guests the option to simply attend, bring a gift or give money.

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