Friday, April 18, 2014

Etiquette for Wrapping a Wedding Gift

If you have been invited to a wedding, then you are required to bring a gift. You should select a gift from the bride and groom's official registry, if possible, and spend an amount of money within your budget. Gift wrap and presentation of the gift is important, as well, and there is an etiquette that you should follow.

Box Selection

    Select a box that fits the wedding gift. Often you can get these from the store where you purchase the gift. Do not place a very small gift in a huge box. A wedding usually is not an event where you play practical jokes on the bride and groom. A snug-fitting box also helps to protect fragile items because they have less room to move.

Tissue Paper

    Line your gift box with tissue paper. Avoid bold colors. Stick with white or pastel-colored tissue paper. Select a shade that you know matches the bride's colors for her wedding.

Store Gift Wrap

    When possible, use the wrapping paper of the store where you bought the gift, if they provide complimentary wrapping. You will want to do this especially if the store is high-end one. This lets the bride, groom and other guests know that you shopped from the bride's registry.

Alternate Gift Wrap

    Select solid-colored gift wrap in white or silver or a wedding-themed paper that is not obnoxious. If the wedding is less formal, then you can venture into bolder colors. For example, it would be appropriate to wrap a gift in brown paper, twine and an artificial sunflower if the wedding is outside at the beach or at a park. "Know the bride's favorite colors? Dress up your gift accordingly, using fine ribbon and faux flowers as accents," advises The Knot.

Greeting Card

    Include a greeting card with your gift. Use a small piece of transparent tape to secure the card on the front of the gift. You can hide the tape by covering it with a pretty fabric or paper bow. The greeting card is important because it lets the bride and groom know you sent them a wedding gift and gives them the information they need to know so that they can write appropriate thank you cards.

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