Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A vow renewal ceremony celebrates and reinvigorates a marriage. From small intimate gatherings to elaborately planned productions, wedding vow renewal ceremonies cater to the taste of the host couple. Like weddings, vow renewal ceremonies also have rules of etiquette.


    The husband and wife typically pay for the vow renewal ceremony. According to, the children of the couple of honor sometimes host the ceremony.


    Vow renewal ceremonies do not have gift registries. Weddings have gift registries as a way for the guests to help the newlyweds build their combined household. Married couples already live together and do not need a gift registry.


    The single days of the husband and wife are long gone by the time a vow renewal ceremony is planned. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are not appropriate.


    The wife should either walk down the aisle with her husband or with her children. According to, the father of the "bride" does not walk her down the aisle for a vow renewal ceremony because the father's approval or public show of support of the marriage is not necessary.


    Vow renewal ceremonies do not have bridal attendants or wedding parties, only guests.

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  1. Wedding renewal is a great and exciting event for every couple as well as kids of that couple. I think that kids are the major guest of honor during this event.