Sunday, August 11, 2013

No Kids Allowed Wedding Etiquette
Children can sometimes create noisy distractions at weddings. They often don't care for the food at receptions, yet because they require seats, the bride and groom must pay for their meals. There are polite ways to ask people not to bring their children to a wedding. The key is to do it without hurting anyone's feelings.


    "Save the Date" cards are popular options for alerting friends and family members of your upcoming wedding. These are a perfect way to first introduce the concept of a "no kids allowed" wedding ceremony and reception. Mention on your "Save the Date" cards that this will be an "adults only" affair, and that you hope this ample notice will allow for plenty of time to secure babysitters or make appropriate arrangements. Because "Save the Date" cards are often sent up to a year before the event, this allows parents plenty of time to prepare.
    While you might not get the results you hope for, you can attempt to simply pass the notion of "no children allowed" via word of mouth.


    Regardless of what your "Save the Date" cards say, you're bound to have at least one or two people call you or ask you in person, "Would it be okay if Susie comes to the wedding? You know she always behaves." While this is inappropriate for people to ask, it won't stop everyone. You need to have a line rehearsed that you and your bride or groom will stick to no matter what.
    "We all deserve some adult time every now and then," you might say. "We thought our wedding would be the perfect event for the adults to let loose and not have any obligations."
    Or how about "We love the kids and hope we can get together and visit soon. But we've opted for adults only at the wedding and reception."


    Announce your intentions one last time when you send your wedding invitations. Whether it is printed directly on your invitation or on the RSVP card, you might opt for one of the following options.
    "No children, please."
    "Adults only, please."
    "No children under 16, please." This one can state any age you wish. If noise and inappropriate behavior is your only concern, consider allowing children ages 12 and up to attend the wedding.

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